MEDEVAC permit requests are a priority and issued under 24 hrs.

Corporate emergency Flight permit requests can be obtained in 24 hrs but not guaranteed.

Emergency processing fee: ADD $350

24 hr Emergency No 1-800-709-3209

Why can International Air Rally make the process of acquiring overflight permits easier, faster and at lower cost than any other provider?

International Air Rally has played a key role in introducing GA to Cuba.

• May 2016, IAR coordinated the largest ever group of private planes to fly into Havana: The Twin Cessna Flyer group: 22 Twin Cessnas lined up on the Havana GA tarmac in May of 2016.
• At the same time, AOPA delegation visit to the Cuban Civil Aviation highest authority was made possible thanks to the intervention of International Air Rally who coordinated the visit, obtained flight permit and organized lodging for the Delegation comprised of Marc Baker, president, Craig Spence, IAOPA general secretary as well as media, Tom Haines and Warren Morningstar AOPA TV.
• May 2017, First flight VFR to Cuba since the revolution. A group of Light Sport aircraft, Cirrus, Bonanza and 2 Gyroplanes, departed from Marathon to Havana  under a special VFR permit delivered by Cuba Civil Aviation Authorities (IACC).
• In 2019, IAR held several meetings with Cuban Civil Aviation Authorities (IACC) to coordinate the first Cuba Cross Country VFR flight ever ! Unfortunately, the Trump administration re-established the old rules ! GA flights into Cuba were no longer authorized. IAR is ready to go when the rules change….
• International Air rally is well known and recognized for its professionalism by Cuban Aviation Authorities which makes the process of acquiring permits easier, faster and hassle free.


Weight Range in LbsPleasure One WayPleasure Round Trip
0 – 12 530$185$230
12 531 – 33 000$225$250
Weight Range in LbsCommercial One WayCommercial Round Trip
0 – 33 000$225$300
33 001 – 66 000$300$400
*Discounts for groups & multiple flights


Short Notice under 48 Hours:  Add $50


Urgent 24 hrs : cannot be guaranteed add $100 charged if obtained
Changes to a permit issued : $50 per leg


1) Complete the Overflight Permit Request Form
2) Review Summary
3) Click Submit and process payment
An email confirmation of permit process will be sent.
Once issued, the permit number will be forwarded to you by email.


Once a permit number is issued, if change in

• Airport of origin or destination
• Departure time
*There is no need to re-submit, please contact us.

Changes that require a new permit: $50 charge per leg

• Change of aircraft
• Change of date of the flight 


• All flights are IFR only.
• A Cuban Overflight Permit can be a one-way or a round-trip permit. 
• Round trip permits are for flights within 7 days of each other. Over 7 days you are required to make a new permit request.
• All flights in Cuban airspace enter and exit at a published intersection.
• Normal processing time is 48 business hours.
• Permits valid for the requested date + 24 hrs  from date of request
• Processing time can be slower on weekends, evenings and Cuban holidays.
• IAR will process requests made less than 24 hours prior to departure: no success, no payment.
• Once the permit is received, IAR will  email you the permit number.
• The permit number must be indicated in the ‘’Remarks section’’ of your flight plan: EX:  RMK/CUBA